5 Signs Your Dog Has UTI

5 Signs Your Dog Has UTI

Dogs, regardless of their breed, are at risk of bladder infections. Moreover, it can also be uncomfortable and painful, much like how people experience the condition. It’s also been said that female dogs are usually more prone to UTIs. However, pet parents must still give equal attention to their dogs regardless of gender.

Along with the consistent care you’re giving your furry buddy, we’ll discuss the visible and noticeable indicators of UTIs in dogs to help you be proactive in taking them to your vet should you notice something wrong.

How to Know if Your Dog Has UTI

Urinary tract infection (UTI) in dogs must never be left untreated as it can cause dysfunction of the kidney or bladder stones, kidney infection, infertility, blood poisoning, and even kidney failure. If you’re worried about your dog and want to know if they have UTIs or may have them in the future, the five indicators we have enumerated below can help you significantly.

1. Bloody urine

Blood in the urine is a very alarming symptom of a dog UTI. So if you notice blood in your pet’s urine, do not delay taking them to your vet. Although this is a sign of UTI, it can be an indicator of the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Poisoning
  • Urinary tract stones
  • Trauma
  • Kidney disease

Some rodent poison types can cause platelet breakdown, which can be fatal. But the sooner your dog is checked by an animal doctor, the better the prognosis and recovery. Bloody urine is sometimes caused by trauma. When they get into dog fights, slight injuries, or car accidents, we may not see signs immediately, but these may cause internal damage to your pet’s organs.

2. Difficulty urinating

The inability to urinate, straining while urinating, or difficulty urinating is a medical emergency that needs immediate checkups and treatment. Left untreated, it may cause a rupture to your dog’s bladder, so immediately contact your vet upon noticing this symptom. Aside from UTI being the culprit of this symptom, the conditions mentioned below may be a possibility:

  • Spinal cord injuries or disease
  • Cancer
  • Prostate disease
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Obstructions
  • Trauma
  • Scar tissue in the urinary tract

3. Excessive licking of the genitals

Did you know that dogs not only lick themselves to clean their bodies? They also do it to soothe and relieve their irritation and pain. So if you’ve been noticing your dog excessively licking themselves in their urinary opening, they could be suffering from the pain caused by UTI.

4. Frequent urination

An early sign of a dog UTI is an urgent need to urinate. While most people may think drinking more water than usual may cause increased urination, an underlying condition might be the one causing it. If you notice opening the door for your four-legged buddy more often for frequent walks and urination outside, UTI might be the one to blame.

5. Accidents in the house

Pets that are trained inside the home do not urinate indoors. Because if your house-trained dog needs to pee, it will always let you know if they need to use the bathroom or walk outside so they can do their business. But if you observe an accident twice or thrice a row, it hints that something is wrong.

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