Stay Tuned

25 John St
Postal Code
N0G 1Z0
Contact Name
Adam Blahut
Contact Title
Guitar Technician

Stay Tuned offers individual repair options, complete setups, or even restorations and will meet with you to discusswhat your specific needs are. Whether it’s a $100 entry level guitar or a $10,000 collector piece, they fix them all. On top of this, call them to build your customized instruments from scratch!

They offer full service electric and acoustic guitar repair and restoration.  He utilizes accurate restoration techniques to preserve the original spirit and value of your precious instrument. As guitar tech and designer, Adam has a deep insight into guitar repairs, subtleties of construction, stress, tension, finishes, glues, etc. Guitar restoration and repair work should be respectful and careful, never doing more than is needed.

Stay Tuned Guitar Repair uses StringTech’s newly engineered “TechDeck” Workstation that stands alone as the  fastest, easiest, most versatile and safest way to handle valuable instruments for re-stringing, set-ups, fret work, wiring, gluing operations, adjustments, restoration and hundreds of other repairs and adjustments. I never put a instrument in a vice or any other type of tool or apparatus that would cause any kind of stress to your instrument.

Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns you may have or to make an appointment to come see his home workshop.