Drew Anglican Cemetery

Drew Anglican Cemetery
6109 16th Line
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N0G 1Z0
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Lorie Forbes
519-338-2511 ext. 238
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Drew's Anglican Cemetery is located on 16th Line, just past the Drew Community Centre and Ball Diamond.


Established: 1877

Brief History: Drew Anglican church was an outpost of Harriston's St. George's parish and stood at the sideroad corner, Lot 20 on the 16th Line.

A pioneer cemetery was located beside the church; members of the Bell family are interred there.

Prior to the building of Drew Anglican Church, Rev. John Smithurst had used the log school on his property (Con. 17, Lot 28) for services. Drew Anglican Church was closed in the late 1800’s and the building was removed in 1905.

At least ten graves are known to exist; the oldest burial identified was that of Joseph Nixon in 1877. A cairn with a memorial plaque and three surviving tombstones has been erected on the site.