Plaque #H6 Heritage Home

Plaque #H6 Heritage Home
88 John Street S
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N0G 1Z0
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Minto Heritage Association
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June MacDonald

Built in 1873: Original home of Edward Preston



Brief History:

Lot purchased from John Smith, blacksmith in 1872 by Edward Preston, Chemist & Druggist. He operated his business, the Harriston Medical Hall, on Elora St. S. over the river.

This residence was built in 1873 and was sold, after his death, to Wm. Fitzgerald, Physician, in 1896. 

Dr. John FtizGerald (1882-1940) was born in Drayton, Ontario. In 1891 his family moved to Harriston and occupied 88 John Street South from 1894 to 1902.

In 1914 Dr. FitzGerald personally manufactured the first safe, effective Canadian'made rabies vaccine and diptheria anti-toxin leading to the founding of the Connaught Laboratories as a sell supporting part of the University of Toronto. By 1920, Connaught was distributing a full range of public health products to all provinces for free as a public service. With its mass production of insulin, discovered by Banting and Best in 1922, the Counnaught Labs earned an international reputation.

Within a single generation, Dr. FitzGerald's exceptional dedication and foresight led to the control and eradication of many deadly infectious diseases afflicting Canada and the world. Today the original Connaught Laboratories is part of the Paris-based Sanoli Pasteur.

After Dr. FitzGerald, the lot was then sold to James Ireland, Dentist, in 1902. He removed the veranda and replaced it with the current sunporch at a cost of $500.00. Probate Will to Mary Ellen Ireland, wife, and Ida May Beattie who sold to Jean & Norm Howes all in 1939. Rented to Charlie Sawyers, Harriston High School Principal during War years. 1952 granted to Evelyn Hackett, who leased to Ida M. Carruth.  In 1953 the deed past to Francis E. McLaughlin.