Clifford Connects Committee

Contact Name
Belinda Wick

Clifford Connects aims to create a vibrant downtown environment that draws people downtown and helps to keep them downtown longer. Clifford Connects will do this by focusing efforts around the theme of connection (i.e. telephone connection in honour of Wightman Telecom and the history of the telephone) but also around community connections.

The Clifford Connects Committee is guided on the following principles:

  • A commitment to enhancing the downtown experience for residents, businesses and tourists.
  • A commitment to collaboration and communication to achieve common objectives

The mandate of the Clifford Connects Steering Committee

  • Marketing and promotion of downtown Clifford as a fun, family friendly destination.
  • Engaging, Communicating and collaborating with as many stakeholders as possible to implement the annual action plans.
  • Creation of events and activities to draw people downtown and keep them downtown longer.
  • Coordinating seasonal d├ęcor for the downtown core, public spaces and businesses.

The Clifford Connects Committee is seeking members for the following sub-committees

  • Events Committee
  • Beautification Committee
  • Promotions Committee
  • Fundraising Committee