About Us

The Town of Minto is an amalgamated municipality located in mid-western Ontario and consists of the former Village of Clifford, former Towns of Palmerston and Harriston and the former Minto Township.

From our earliest history until today, the success of our community has been a product of the creativity and imagination of the people who came here to build a life for themselves and their families. A spirit of enterprise and innovation has been a key ingredient in building the vibrant rural community that Minto is today. Our unique identity as a community is a product of a proud agricultural heritage, the history and contributions of those who settled in this place and the sense of volunteerism and commitment to community that has helped us achieve everything that Minto is today. Our culture and heritage is the glue that connects old residents and new, our past and our future.

Our community believes:

  • Creativity and culture are foundations for building a prosperous and sustainable economy.
  • Culture is essential to making Minto a place where people want to live, work, play and invest.
  • Cultural resources and activities are essential to building vibrant and successful downtowns.
  • In the importance of conserving our natural and cultural heritage resources.
  • Artists and creators are essential sources of new ideas, innovation and technologies important to our future.
  • In cultural groups collaborating and working together toward shared purposes.